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Is It For Me?

It is my belief that in life we can all be faced with difficulties or issues that can overwhelm us and require us to seek support outside of ourselves, family and friends. If you have a network of support it may be that they do not have the time, skill, ability, or importantly, the objectivity to help you overcome your problems or concerns.

I believe that within us all is the potential to live our lives in a way that feels satisfying and rewarding. Sometimes we need to make changes for us to experience this sense of satisfaction. There maybe aspects about your life or about yourself that cannot be changed but are causing you to struggle. In these situations counselling can help you change your perspective on these aspects or offer you support and strategies to help you in coping with them. It maybe that you are struggling to make decisions and are unsure of which way to turn.

My Approach

I aim to provide you with skilled help to look closely and explore your difficulties in a supportive, caring, safe and confidential way. You will not be judged or pressurised but will be offered respect and acceptance for the person you are. I believe we are all doing the best we can. I also believe that if for any reason the struggle to continue to do your best is getting too much I can offer you skilled, caring, supportive counselling in finding a different way that is right for you.

The counselling I offer helps by increasing self awareness and discovering what the blocks might be that are stopping us from making these changes or decisions which would help us to feel "ok" about ourselves or about our lives. These blocks may relate to ways of being we formed in our early life or adaptations we have made to cope with situations later on in life. When you are aware of how these blocks are affecting you or are stopping you from feeling satisfied and "at one" I can explore what changes may be helpful for you to achieve a sense of emotional wellbeing, self-direction and harmony which may have been lacking for you before.

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